My first attempt at a billiard

I drew out the rough shape of a billiard on a block of briar. Then I marked the lines for drilling the chamber. Then I taped the bits where needed.

After putting the block in the proper position in the chuck, I drilled the mortise with the 5/16″ bit, followed by the 5/32″ airway hole. I turned the shank down some with the lathe tool.

Then I spun the block, aligning the chamber lines. Drilled the chamber for 3/4″ and turned the bowl down partway. I put in a delrin tenon and cut a slot in an ebonite rod after drilling the 1/16″ airway and funneled it to meet the 5/32″ airway.

I rough sanded it on the 1×30 belt sander.

During turning, the tool hit the bowl, leaving a huge gash. I filled it with briar dust and CA glue, sanded and rusticated followed by a dark stain and buffing.


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