Major surgery on a Peterson’s Good Health billiard

I had a Pre-Republic Peterson’s Good Health billiard in my box of restorations, a bag actually as 2 pieces of the shank broke off just behind the nomenclature. Of course I cant find my before pics of the loose pieces. I used a series of reaming chucks to widen the mortise. Then cut a length of brass tube, roughed it up and epoxied it in place, fitting the loose pieces onto the shank.

I had a preformed tapered stem I turned the tenon to fit the mortise. You can see it was a little wider than needed, so I worked it down flush with the shank.

While working on the stem, I took a poll online and decided to put a nickel band on to dress it up and help cover the cracks. I sanded the glue off the cracks and was able to not disturb the nomenclature. A touchup of dark brown dye on the shank blended beautifully with the original stain. I sanded and buffed the stem after thinning the bite area and funneling the airway. A run through the buffer wheels and it’s a serviceable pipe once more. With a few fills I left alone, the replacement stem and internal repairs, it doesn’t have high value of a collector piece but will make an awesome inexpensive smoker with a lot of history.

Thanks for reading!