Restoring an 1898 Hall & Fitzgerald horn stem pipe

Another project pulled from my box, this horn stem pipe had some worm damage on the oval horn which was STUCK in the shank. It is a Hall & Fitzgerald hallmarked Birmingham 1898 on some beautiful scrollwork on the silver. The pipe was dry (might of been sitting in a drawer for 100 years), there was slight lava buildup on the rim and little cake in the bowl. The top of the stem near the bit had a large round hole but had an inner layer that was not bitten through. The worm holes on the bend area of the stem did not get into the airway. Plus some chatter on the bottom of the bit area.

I used the heat gun on low, rotating the pipe about 8″ above it. Slowly warmed up the tar gunk inside and after several minutes, tried unscrewing it. Repeated this several times until it finally broke free.

Amber superglue filled the holes and when filed and sanded, are as smooth as glass. The pics show the holes visible at certain angles and the camera makes them look far worse than they are.

I removed the lava from the rim, cleaned the internals and wiped the bowl down with olive oil to restore the rich luster to the briar. A pass through all the buffing wheels and it looks near new. Definitely doesn’t look 119! Thanks for looking.


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