Reworking a Pete 980 stubby bulldog

With a lull in customers, I had time to dig in my box of projects. This was in a Ziploc bag because the tenon had snapped off inside the shank. At first glance I assumed it was a simple tenon replacement on an old Peterson bulldog. Well you know what happens when you assume something! This was marked Peterson over Dublin with only the shape number 980 on the other side of the shank. It has the faux hallmarks on the nickel band. It measures 5″ long with a saddle stem with P-lip bit. 

After cleaning the stummel with alcohol to see what I was getting into, I discovered several small cracks on the briar and tooth dents on the bit end of the oxidized P-lip stem. 

I cleaned the rim and did an alcohol/cotton ball soak while I worked on the stem. After removing the oxidation, I filled the dents with black CA glue and filed the repairs smooth. I also had to build up the bottom of the bit as it had worn down. 

I used a micro drill bit to stop the cracks from spreading. I applied clear CA glue with a toothpick along the cracks. After sanding smooth, I used a dark brown stain on the briar which had been warmed up with my heat gun. A wipe down with an alcohol soaked pad, and run through all the buffing wheels to get this short beauty back in service! 


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