New look for a no-name pipe

Here was a tired meer lined no name pipe from Italy. The only reason I know the country of origin is the stem has Italy stamped on the bottom. The pipe was clean, just dull and tired. The vulcanite had a few tooth marks which I lifted with the flame of a lighter.

Sorry for the lack of pics. I think the above is after receiving the pipe and finding an acrylic stem to match the shank. This was sent to me for a replacement stem because the vulcanite was worn.I didn’t think a new stem was necessary especially after restoring the original stem to new condition.  But after seeing the finished product,  it definitely adds a lot to the pipe. 

Here is a pre-drilled acrylic stem blank. 

I had to drill out and insert a tenon then dremel and sand it flush with the shank. It was too long for the stummel when compared to the original stem. 

So with the owners permission. ..

I cut it with a dremel cutting wheel.

I cut a line for the bit and used files and sandpaper to shape the end. Slot funneling tool made quick work of creating and opening the new slot.

I sanded and buffed the stem to a nice shine. Next I stained the stummel with black and wiped off most with alcohol. Then a coat of dark brown which j let sit for several hours. Then a rubdown with alcohol and buffed with green and red tripoli, white diamond and carnauba wax followed up with a clean flannel buff. 

The new length and taper of the stem fits so much better and looks awesome. I never would have put an acrylic stem on because the original was perfect, why spend money needlessly? I’ll admit the cost of a new stem changes the pipe from okay to wow! Seems  like the customer is always right rings true for sure!


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