Irish Made 999

Here is a repair all too common on these Rhodesian pipes. The owner bangs it to tap out the ash and the briar chips off on the thin rings. This one also had a large burn mark on the rim from a cigar torch lighter but not as bad as some I’ve run across.


I lightly topped the rim and sanded as much as possible without changing the profile. After wiping down the stummel with alcohol, I filled the missing piece with CA and briar chips, ending with chips on top.


After drying, I filed and sanded down flush with the surface, then used a serrated knife to cut the grooves back in. A wipedown of olive oil and off to the buffers: green and red tripoli, white diamond, carnauba wax and a final clean buff. The stem had minor tooth marks which were removed with a little heat and sanded/buffed to a mirror finish. Thanks for looking!






2 thoughts on “Irish Made 999

  1. Don Smith says:

    Great restoration on one of my favorite shapes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Now if I could just get the kind of high shine that you achieve.
    I have the Tripoli’s and the Carnauba wax just can’t get the shine to look like that.

    Liked by 1 person

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