Canvas clad Meer lined mystery


My latest cleanup is a mystery that I hope someone can help me find out more about the maker.
First, let me confess I didn’t touch the canvas covering the bowl, it was mint! The rest of the pipe, well…

I’m sorry I didnt take beforehand pics. From the sellers pics it looked like the rim was totally black with lava and super thick cake, like it was never reamed.
I watched it go several cycles on ebay with no bids so when he cut the price, I got it, even though it wasn’t a Peterson. The only clue of its maker is a jockey on horseback as a logo on the stem.
When I got the pipe, I discovered it had a Meer lining with a normal cake buildup. After a gentle reaming, I softened the build up on the rim with distilled water on a cotton pad. Then 0000 steel wool and sandpaper from 400-1500 to freshen the Meer and bring out the beauty of the thin ring of briar now visible on the rim.
After an oxyclean soak, I sanded the light oxidation and chatter on the stem and really polished it on the buffers. All that’s left to do is freshen the logo. I think I will wait to investigate some new tools to get that small on the logo. It looks like a dental pic is way too big for some logos, including this one.


Here is a closeup of the stem logo, which is a jockey riding a horse.



Thanks for checking out my post!


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