Peterson’s Kildare 80s repair

This is my second pipe that had the parallel lines under the bowl banged up real bad. This is a Peterson’s Kildare 80s bent bulldog. I had previously restored the pipe except for the obvious area right in front. At the time, the idea of doing this repair was unthinkable, so I did the usual ream and clean, light topping of the rim, etc. I put it in my Kildare collection and forgot about it.


Sorry for the blurry pics but you can see the damage.

Now while smoking recently, I was reminded of the nasty area that I was fairly confident I could do a repeat performance of a similar repair I did earlier.

I cleaned the area with alcohol. Packed briar chips and spread superglue to fill the missing areas. I notice the briar chips I get from using the dremel to rusticate a pipe don’t turn black like the dust from topping a bowl with sand paper. After the initial sanding, I noticed a hole on each side that I would have to repatch.



Sanded smooth, used needle files and 220 paper folded in half to recut the grooves. Then finer grits and wiped the area with olive oil. After a day, I buffed her up. Here is the result.





Thanks for looking!


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