Peterson’s Sterling Pre-Republic 80

I had this Pre-Republic Peterson’s Sterling bent bulldog 80 with a damaged rim. It is marked Made in Ireland in block format which I think places this pipe pre 1946.20150609_204956


As you can see the main problem was the missing ridge on the side of the bowl.

I used clear superglue mixed with briar chips, not dust. I’ve found that dust turns black when mixed with the glue. I got the chips which are slightly larger by grinding down a donor stummel with a dremel. I filled in the missing area, let dry and sanded and filed down the excess


I used a needle file to cut a groove and finished deepening the grooves with a serrated kitchen knife.


. When I was almost finished, a piece broke off.

So I mixed up more glue/briar chips and made a second patch.

Again sanded and filed and then touched up the area with olive oil.

Buffed with green tripoli, red tripoli, white diamond, carnauba wax and a clean flannel buff to polish.

The stem was oxidized with some tooth marks which came out with 220 grit sandpaper after an oxyclean soak. I reamed the bowl and cleaned the shank before I started the glue work but didn’t take pics.




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