Peterson’s Made for Shannon Airport 606

Here is a Peterson’s Shannon Airport 606 with the made in Ireland circle format. The circle format means pre-republic but being made for Shannon Airport must not be from that far back but I didn’t research it any further.  
This pipe came from a Facebook  forum member who wanted it restored to a smoke able condition. He was gifted a bag of pipes and this was one of the
better ones.
I didn’t take enough pics during the process but most of these show before and after of the pipe.
The stem, not an original, had the bit sawn off and the tenon was shaved down to fit the mortise. The rim was banged up but not excessive carbon buildup.
I reamed the bowl and lightly topped the rim as far as I had to, to remove the chips. There were 2 small fills that I dug out and filled with briar dust and dripped Elmers wood glue on it and repeated to buildup a patch. After drying , I sanded flush and sanded the whole stummel with successively finer paper until it was baby smooth. I wiped down the briar and used a Qtip to apply Feibings Black shoe dye to the grain areas. I warmed the bowl with my heat gun. Next was a brown wash applied 2 times and warmed up. Then I wiped the bowl with alcohol followed by acetone until the color looked right. Buffed with red tripoli, white diamond and carnauba wax.
The sterling silver band was tarnished but not for long. A quick polish made it like new.
I had a P-lip stem that the tenon fit right but was too fat for the shank. I taped the shank with blue painters tape before attacking the stem with a 120 grit sanding drum on my 2 speed dremel. I LIGHTLY kissed the stem going from the tape to the bit end. That way I could control the drum if it started digging a gouge into the stem. After getting it as close as safely possible I put a plastic washer and sanded the stem flush with the shank. I used a piece of what looks like screen material and really smoothed the ridges quite easily. I followed with finer grit sandpaper until I hit it on the buffer to a glossy shine. ( A side note, I put a pillow in a cardboard box and hang it under the buffer. BELIEVE ME, it has saved many bowls and stems).
I forgot to take pics of the dremel work, sorry about that.






Here is the finished pipe ready to go back to its owner for its inaguaral smoke!




One thought on “Peterson’s Made for Shannon Airport 606

  1. Reblogged this on rebornpipes and commented:
    I read this refurb by Mark with great interest as I wanted to know about this particular line of Peterson Pipes and what he would do with the damage. Thanks Mark for letting me reblog it on the rebornpipes blog.


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